Improve Your Flexibility And Inner Strength, Discover How To Turn It Into Effortless Dancing Freedom And Create Your Own PAIN FREE DAILY DANCE IMPROVEMENT WORKOUT
(That’s right no need for extra hours (and $$$!) on strength and conditioning classes!)
That will enable you to dance with freedom and flow, in the next 5 days, No Experience, No Pain and No Stretching required.
Are you ready to achieve flexibility and freedom and turn it into a purpose built dance workout to prevent injury and transform your dance skills?
Heal Yourself and Move Flexi Camp Live Challenge starting 6th September, 2021.
register BELOW to join the NEXT  live challenge beginning sept 6th, 2021
You will begin immediately with the pre training when you invest… so that when the live challenge starts you will be 100% prepared!
Want an “unfair advantage” with your dance training?
Would more freedom and power in your movement help your skill levels? 
Would you like to know how to build your own unique safe dance warm-up you can use anywhere, anytime (including side stage?!)
Do you sometimes get overwhelmed because you have a passion to succeed as a dancer...but you struggle to find the keys to unlock your potential?
If so then your going to LOVE the Flexi Camp Live Challenge that will help you to build your own unique safe dance workout that will increase your freedom of movement and your dancing skills - pain free.

My name is Zac Jones
This is my personal invite for you to join something I call
Because you answered YES to any of the questions above, then I know something about you…
And you know the right way to do it is without hurting your body .

the problem
But a few simple things are holding you back...and it isn’t happening as quickly as you’d like.
Here’s the TRUTH:
What do all the dancers in any genre who are able to improve consistently day in day out and not only become professional but have longevity in their careers have in common?
Not just that they have an adaptable training system that respects their body and training loads, which literally results in them being able to turn up expecting to nail their class, choreography or performance every time without worrying about that tightness or niggle turning into a “time-off” injury.
From great dancers at local schools all the way up to principle dancers in the worlds best companies they all have a way of preparing and safely getting the most out of their bodies that they have turned into a SYSTEM

Me, Personally? I have been training everyday for the last 10 years in a system that blends martial arts, yoga, ballet, Pilates, contemporary and meditation at the intensity I want - from literally “flat out” to flowing and sustained without ever pulling up sore let alone hurting my body.
In fact recently I have been able to condense the time it takes to master this knowledge and my students are seeing amazing results in a fraction of the time it took me to develop and are astonished at the long lasting benefits ONE class is able to achieve.
But I’ve discovered, It took me a LONG LONG time to figure out how to build a training system that allowed me to improve my flexibility, strength and skill levels and protect my body from injury.
When I first started training full time, I struggled to train at the 100% I thought was required everyday without hurting myself.
I stretched for hours, did Pilates and scoured every book for information on how to improve technically but with minimal gains for maximum effort and strain.
I found myself overwhelmed, exhausted, in pain with a passion still to be a great dancer but with no idea how to get there without breaking done

I realised I was randomly trying exercises and approaches in the desperate hope one of them would be the “magic pill” that would allow me to improve without injury, I needed to become the authority of my own body and listen to it’s unique signs and I started to build a system of training (called Heal Yourself and Move) that combined flexibility, strength, injury prevention and technical mastery in one to ensure I was always able to train at my peak, pain free.

Suddenly, I was able to accelerate my flexibility and strength levels without spending hours on strength and conditioning and flexibility warm-ups.

I began to teach this system to dancers and saw they were quickly able to feel fluid and energised before and after training AND have so much more time to devote to skill and performance refinement.

I taught this to 100’s of dancers in every style as well as internationally competitive gymnasts and achieved extraordinary results specific to their field EVERY TIME.
And now elite-level dancers including former principles and soloists from the best Ballet and Contemporary companies in the world, award winning choreographers and “stars” of elite full-time dance schools, consult with me each week to learn my training secrets on how to gain that vital edge in their training without causing a career ending injury.

the best part
My system is creating fast pain free transformations for dancers every single day. No longer do they have to spend countless hours and $$$ on exercises that don’t realise their potential. We focus on achieving significantly improved results in every session.
Now I want to help you do the same…
In less than 5 Days you’ll not simply improve your flexibility, but I will teach you how to create your own adaptable safe dance training system, strategically based upon the exact step by step process that I have used to build my own system that has created extraordinary results for 1000’s of dancers just a few minutes per day.

 All guided LIVE by myself, Zac Jones
Well, that’s what this Flexi Camp LIVE is designed to do!
how it works:
Every day for the next 5 days… 
I'll send you a quick video
With instructions where I will give you the exact steps that you need to build your own Daily Dance Workout and then at our graduation webinar I will show you how to turn your flexibility and freedom gains into effortless skill improvement that will take you to a whole new level as a dancer and performer

...with your own purpose built training system that allows you to dance for longer with more intensity, power, skill and freedom - without injury.
This is NOT going to be a
Like every other course out there teaching you how to do this or that stretch or exercise to improve your flexibility instead we’re going to leverage on my #1 Secret (that took me years to figure out), and we’re going to follow my 4 Step Proven Formulae:

Learn how to specifically
Relax key tension points to
Unlock your hidden flexibility and ensure you avoid strain and injury when you dance


Your range of movement and lengthen your muscles without feeling any stretch

The deep muscles that attach to your bones without automatically switching on your outer muscles and find the secret to actually engaging your core muscles (it’s so much easier than you think)

Your new found flexibility, freedom and deep muscle connection on your dance technique and instantly feel the difference in every movement
You’ll have improved your range and freedom of movement, increased your ability to connect to your deepest muscles and you’ll be dancing with effortless freedom pain free (or significantly reduced) in just 5 Days

Your “Daily Dance Workout” will be developed for and by you in just 5 days
in other words
In other words instead of just painfully stretching for hours in the hope it will improve your flexibility, or doing rep after rep of “strengthening” exercises to supposedly increase your balance or control for dance, you will have created a complete system for YOUR BODY that WORKS (without hurting for days after).
Once you join I’ll explain how to keep your daily dance workout super fresh and exciting so it doesn’t become yet another “training chore” so you can’t wait to practice everyday in expectation of your next breakthrough.

Most courses would charge $2000 or more and won’t deliver even CLOSE to the transformational yet practical value you’re about to get, for a FRACTION of that price!

So let me ask you, do YOU want to learn how to create a custom built training system, that lets you dance with FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY and STRENGTH, that adapts EFFORTLESSLY to your changing workloads whilst ensuring continued transformation in movement ability and skill, and helps you avoid strain, pain and injury without paying me thousands to show you how?
5 Day Quick Start Masterclass
You’ll get daily quick start training that shows you how to exactly create your own flexibility and freedom training system that will allow you to accelerate improvement everyday without fear of injury.
Your entire Flexi Camp Challenge Workbook
I’ve literally laid out a step by step process for you to follow that ensures that you build your Daily Dance Workout in 5 days, without feeling stuck.
Week One of the HY+M Foundation Online Course
Unavailable anywhere but in our long term coaching programs the Foundation Course has been helping dancers achieve rapid and outstanding results in flexibility, injury prevention and strength
The Beautiful Breathing Body guide
The exact secret breathing technique that will allow you to instantly increase your stamina and dance endurance whilst staying calm and tension free.
The Confident Performer checklist
How to approach every exam, performance and audition with bullet proof confidence, clarity and calmness
The Mind-Body Memory enhancer 
How to pick up and remember complicated steps and choreography 
Total Value: $1,218
You Pay absolutely NOTHING
Join The Flexi Camp Live Challenge Now
EVERYDAY FROM 11am-11.45am FOR 5 DAYS!

If you are struggling to improve your flexibility and deep muscles strength, if you are always tight and sore before and after you dance, if you need to improve fast to have a shot at your dancing dream but don’t know how, building a custom training system for YOUR body is THE key to your transformation as a dancer.
I will show you how.
But you will need to hurry .

but you will need to hurry
We are starting September 6th, 2021 and
Places are limited
This isn’t just another one of those challenges with little interaction from those running it because of Zac’s hands on nature of applying his 16 years of curated coaching experience to your dancing goals, places are strictly limited.
Act fast to ensure you don’t miss out. 

here’s what’s inside
Zac has been creating safe transformational training systems for dancers for 16 years and has distilled his best flexibility and freedom content to a number of key areas to ensure the rapid transformation of your movement abilities.
Remember you will receive a life time’s access to this content
Congratulations and welcome
Let’s get going (and introduction to Flexi Camp Live)

Your Entire Week One of the HY+M Foundation Course with Full Workbooks and uploadable reflections to create your case study
Week One
Day 1: a)Turnout Transformations  (How relaxation works to reduce injury and improve range) 
Day 2: Healthy Hamstrings  (How to lengthen and strengthen simultaneously) 
Day 3: Effortless Extensions (How connecting the whole body helps increase your develop range) 
Day 4: Flexible Feet  (How one simple focusing technique can improve the line length flexibility and efficiency of your footwork) 
Day 5: Beautiful Backs  (How to get bending without ouchy through breath power) 

Improve Your Flexibility And Inner Strength, Discover How To Turn It Into Effortless Dancing Freedom And Create Your Own PAIN FREE DAILY DANCE IMPROVEMENT WORKOUT
Happy Heal Yourself and Movers
Many dancers, just like you have become Heal Yourself and Movers with incredible results

I feel more light and flowy

From struggling with pain and soreness to dancing with effortless freedom
Every morning these dancers would wake up stiff wondering how they were going to be able to have their body ready to dance in class that day,
now they don’t have to.
Every single day dancers are finding pain-free, effortless flexibility and increased skill, their teachers and fellow dancers are noticing their improvement and they are winning competitions, being accepted into full-time schools and nailing their performances and exams...all from building their own safe dance training system.
check out these videos:
Need further proof that you should create your own system and turn it into your Daily Dance Workout to achieve your true potential?
Milla, Flexi Camp Student

Liam, Flexi Camp Student

Mia, Flexi Camp Student

The honest truth…
If you are a dancer or teacher who is not creating and employing your own time efficient safe flexibility, strength and skills breakthrough system by 2021 you are not going to make it successfully online or in the studio.
Improve Your Flexibility And Inner Strength, Discover How To Turn It Into Effortless Dancing Freedom And Create Your Own PAIN FREE DAILY DANCE IMPROVEMENT WORKOUT
5 DAY MASTERCLASSES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $297)
ACCESS TO RECORDED VIDEOS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(Value $149)

Total Value = ($725)
Today's Price = $37

you asked
Most budding Heal Yourself and Movers ask Zac the following questions:
I already do a dance specific flexibility and strength and conditioning program will this conflict with it?
Absolutely not! The Heal Yourself and Move System works seamlessly with other training systems and in such a way that dancers often notice an immediate improvement in their abilities to execute exercises in their current system of training.
I can’t make the live trainings, how can I get the benefit of training with Zac?
Each live is recorded and posted in your Flexi Camp Challenge FB group as well as your Flexi Camp Members page straight after each live for you to watch at your convenience. As the content is structured to work with your pre-recorded trainings and workbooks even if you can’t make the lives you can follow and achieve great results at the same pace as the rest of the group. We have students from all over the world some, who can’t make the live times and achieve wonderful results.
Seriously, what’s the benefit of creating your own pain-free flexibility, strength and skill improvement system?
I see far too many dancers and teachers scouring youtube or instagram for the “latest” flexibility or strength tips without working out if it is appropriate for their or their students bodies.
The “right” exercise can be disastrous and injury causing if it is not understood and integrated into the dancers whole body knowledge.
And even if they are following someones training system so often it is “the old” model of stretching, and strength and conditioning before and after classes without actually testing if it has had an improvement in their ability to dance.
Having exercises and stretching you “have to do” just to stop yourself from going backwards is one thing, turning your training into a system of flexibility, deep strength and fluid freedom that actually improves your dancing abilities everytime is another. Get that right and you will see your “long term” dance goals (so often long term because you can’t actually believe based on current evidence you can achieve them!) ticked off in days and weeks not months or years.
It is my absolute belief If you are a dancer or teacher who is not creating and employing your own time efficient safe flexibility, strength and skills breakthrough system that creates verifiable improvement everytime you train you are not going to make it successfully online or in the studio in 2021.
If not with me then with who?
Everyone is giving you exercises whilst your body is craving freedom to dance!
Over the last 30 years I have trained, taught and performed all over the world in dance, martial arts and body mind therapy and seen myself and 1000’s of dancers and movers achieve rapid and often spectacular improvement in their physical abilities without pain.
Creating the Heal Yourself and Move System has changed my life.
During this challenge my goal is transform your life and abilities and help you to become the dancer, performer or teacher you have always known you can be.
Now is the time to create YOUR training system

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